Welcome! All about Magnets, Buying and Selling of Magnets, This is a Magnetic Website desiged to hopefully attract you and not repel you. Puns intended of course, yet still I apologize. Types of Magnets Magnets have a number of uses in our modern world. There are many manufactures selling magnets. If you want to buy magnets, it is important that you know what types of varieties of magnets there are. Only then will you be able to choose the best manufacturer selling magnets. Following are the different types of magnets found: Permanent magnets: This is the most common types of magnet that is found in the world. Calendar magnets that people put on their refrigerators belong to this category. The main property of this kind of magnet is that once it has been magnetized, it retains a degree of magnetism in it as long as it lasts. Ferromagnetic materials that contain molecules and atoms that are positioned to reinforce each other are the contents of permanent magnets. Permanent magnets can be classified further into 4 different categories based on their properties: Samarium Cobalt, Neodymium Iron Boron, Ceramic and Alnico. The reason why permanent magnets are usually preferred to other kinds of magnets is because they are versatile and flexible. It is easy to mould them in whatever shape one wants. Permanent magnets can be shaped into rectangles, donuts, disks, round bars, horse shoes, rings, houses and other kinds of custom shapes. The shape of a magnet has a lot of importance not only for aesthetic reasons but for the experiments that one may do with them. The way a magnet has been magnetized is also important as that is going to determine what kind of uses it will have. Temporary magnets: These are magnets which start acting like permanent magnets when they are situated in a strong magnetic field. When they are taken out of the field, they lose their magnetism. Iron nails and paper clips are examples of temporary magnets. Electric motors and telephones are known to use temporary magnets. Electromagnets: These are the type of magnets which have quite a few industrial uses. Telephones, computers and television have all benefited from this kind of magnets. The strength of such magnets is tremendous. This is also a kind of temporary magnet. When current flows through such a magnet, it becomes magnetized. As soon the current flow stops, it becomes demagnetized. Electromagnets are used in cranes. When the current is switched on, cranes are used to lift rods and cables for construction purposes. Superconductors: These are the strongest kind of magnets found. Made from coils of wires, they become extremely strong magnets when they are cooled to very low levels of temperature. How can magnets be demagnetized? Since temporary magnets get demagnetized when the electric flow is switched off or they are moved away from a magnetic field, the demagnetization process of permanent magnets is what is worth talking about. Permanent magnets can be demagnetized by heat. When a magnet is heated to a high temperature, it loses its magnetic properties. Another way is to stroke the magnet to be demagnetized with another magnet. The last way to demagnetize is to hammer the permanent magnet.
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