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Craft magnets: Fun and easy ideas Who does not love to receive homemade personalized gifts? Be it for festive season or a special  occasion, homemade gifts are great. They tell people that you thought about them and made a  special effort to make them something than just taking out your credit card and paying for  something in the mall! If you don’t find the time to make homemade gifts, teach your kids to do  so. Kids can easily make crafts in their free time to gift to parents, grandparents and even friends.  They are greatly appreciated and special. Magnets can be used in a variety of ways by kids to  make gifts. Craft magnets can be found in all stationery and gift shops easily and also at your local  departmental store. Craft magnets are great because they can be displayed easily. Here are some  craft magnet gift ideas you can try.  Photo craft magnets: These are a simple way of displaying photos you love in an area where  everyone can see them. Do you have an empty concentrated juice can lying around? You can use  it to make a round shape on the photo you want to display. Use craft glue to attach a small  magnetic metal disk on the back of the lid. Now cut the photo out and stick it onto the lid. You  can decorate the lid in any way you want using colors or a glitter pen. Let the craft dry well before  you display. The refrigerator is a great place to put such an item!  Hand craft magnets: This is a wonderful gift to give to a grandparent. On a piece of cardboard,  draw your kid’s hands and cut out the shape using a pair of scissors. Now ask your kid to decorate  the hand in any way she wants using colors, or glitter. Attach a flexible magnetic strip or magnetic  disk to the back of the hand. They can be displayed anywhere you want. They look great!  Fancy fingernails: In the same way as mentioned above, you can easily make fancy fingernails  with craft magnets.  Magnetic photo frame: You can easily buy magnetic sheets from a stationery shop or office  supplies store. Cut out the sheet in a size that you want the photo frame to be. You can decorate  the outer part of the frame in any way you want to using glitter or marker pens. You can even  glue decorations if you want. You can put the frame on a metallic surface.  Magnetic toys: If you have children who have grown up and lots of used as a remnant of how  small they once were, you can rec ycle those toys as  fridge magnets. Don’t thrown away any of the small  toys your children no longer play with. Instead toys  like a rubber frog, a domino or a plastic toy can be  attached to a magnetic strip or a disk. These kinds  of magnets look great when they are displayed in  the kid’s rooms or on the refrigerators.      
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